Friday, March 22, 2013

Chicken Update

Hi!  It has been a while since I have had time to corral these girls and take some decent pictures!  You will not believe how much they have changed, and they are really growing!

Are you ready?  

First of all, this is Fiona, who turned out to be little rooster, or cockerel as they are called when they are young.  I took him back to the breeder, (thanks Rick!) and he traded me for a more obvious pullet (a young female chicken). 

We will miss you little buddy.

Fiona the Second
6weeks 5days 
Olive Egger
So here is the replacement, Fiona the Second.  She is an Olive Egger.  She was bred from a Blue Marans rooster and an Americauna hen.  She will lay olive green eggs. She is very shy and very sweet, and does NOT like to be handled for photos.  I got ONE shot, and this is it.  So sweet. 

6weeks 5days
Blue Copper Marans
She is the biggest of all the girls right now, and pretty much keeps to herself.  Not overly shy, but really not interested in humans.  She is a Blue Copper Marans and lays chocolate brown eggs.

6weeks 5 days
Black Copper Marans
Miss Olive keeps to herself and doesn't bother anyone.  She looks around like she is curious, but then she gets scared.  I think she will come out of her shell (no pun intended) pretty soon.

5weeks 3days
Golden Sexlink
Sunny Side Up is the head chicken.  She bosses everyone around, and LOVES humans.  She is always the first one to pop out of the brooder when we open it to clean it.

5weeks 3 days
Buff Orpington
I think Finn is the right hand hen to Sunny.  She also loves humans, and jumps right out of the brooder too.  Sunny and Finn seem to hang out together a lot.

5weeks 3 days
Silver Laced Wyandotte
This is by far the FASTEST chicken we have.  She runs around like a crazy person and pecks at you when you try to get her out of the brooder for pictures.  Silly bird, don't you know I am still the boss of you?  
The jury is sill out on her though-her comb is a little more orange than everyone else's…I am hoping it is just the tendency for SLW pullets to develop red combs earlier than other breeds.  No huge wattles, so I am still on the "hen" team.

4weeks 2 days
Americauna/Easter Egger
This little princess is very sweet.  Her legs are turning such a pretty shade of green!  She will lay some variation of a blue or greenish blue egg, and the green feet are common in this breed.  By the way, it is very difficult to take pictures of chickens.  You should try it sometime.  Sunny's hiney is in the background of this picture, not to be confused with part of Devil's.

4weeks 2 days
Barred Rock
Katniss has developed quite a friendship with the medium sized birds, Sunny and Finn.  She is trying to be a big girl!  She is always out of the brooder with the blondes.  She tolerates me, but I don't think she has much love for me. (compared to Sunny and Finn, who love me! --thats what I keep telling myself anyway)

They are getting restless in the brooder, and are almost ready for their eviction notice.  Kevin has the coop in place, we just need to finish the enclosure.  (Guess what is on Kevin's HoneyDo list this weekend?)  

I guess that is pretty much a complete update!  I will update again in a week or two!


  1. LOVE IT!!! We're going to cull our 17 hens and get chicks soon...

  2. Too funny, Clara who is a golden comet is the boss of our coop too. - Here is Fiji when she was little, and her comb is similar to Oreo, so hopefully she is a hen.
    Hugs, Di

  3. I love your chickens! I wanted to raise some for organic eggs but hubby won't let me. :( I will have to live vicariously through hearing about your chickens. :)

  4. Thanks Diana, that does leave me feeling a bit better about the comb. Oreo's is just so FLAT that it just can't be a boy-chicken!

    Carlene, I was amazed when my hubby suggested the idea too! All I said was, "We are going to need to find someone with some nice farm-fresh eggs." And he said, "Well I suppose we could get some chickens."...and I ran with it!

    Thanks for looking!